About the game

The Mozart's Murder Mystery is a Treasure Hunt game, what combines the elements of puzzle-orient gameflow of escape rooms and take your team to a sightseeing. The quest is on the streets of Salzburg, Germany and with the attitude of master detectives, you need to find out who's guilty. I designed a lot of printed props, such as unique city map, detective case files, fake movie poster and also created different animations, social items.
If you like it and want to give it a try, you can buy your ticket on Scavenger Escape .
Here is a short selection of game elements, without that i reveal too much about the mission:

" There were always rumors about the death of Mozart. Johann Wolf, a detective from Salzburg and a close friend of the composer, rejected the idea that Mozart had died of natural causes. He claimed he had proof that Mozart had been poisoned but hours later, Johann Wolf was found dead. But before his death he hid his findings. Can you find these among Salzburg’s historical buildings and find out if Mozart was murdered and if so, by who? "
It was one of my best moments to design some kind of fake movie poster. To create the puddle, the cell and the atmosphere.
(( ah, I remember the time when the 'ps only' was the proof of your skills ))
The Detective Case files guide the team trough the quest; it contains the list of the suspects, tricky poems, clues and riddles of the story. The players must find the way from one station / place to the other, it's a really nice way of sightseeing as well.
yeah.., there is a cryptex they need to open, as far as I know. And there is a map, too..!
The players have to use the map to navigate themselves on the streets of Salzburg.
To make it harder there are a lot of symbols for fake stations :)
At a certain point of the quest they can find the poster of The Magic Flute. It is a letter hunter game where there are hidden letters in the scene. The players need to arrange the letters in the right order to find an another keyword.

Thank you for watching 
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