The Build The Totem is a massive multi collaboration project, where the artists continuously expand one huge digital artwork, step by step, in the form of a totem. This creative work is the reflection of our digital spirits, abstract mindset and the capability of inspire. In the old nations’ religion, the totem was a mighty connection between the higher orders and the world of humans. It gave the power and knowledge of the Ancient, to help and serve the people. The process is simple. The top area of every totem elements are forwarded to the next artist, who builds up his/her very own element and connects it to the previously element. It's a never-ending story...
Special thanks:
Csaba Fekete (artist),
Moe Pike (artist),
 Zoltán Lányi (artist),
Alastair Temple (artist),
Márió Majzik (programming),
Botond Bocskói (programming)
You can watch the building here
Thank you !
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