Somewhere, in the cold space, a strange symbol stands out from the ground, The Ankh. It's melting the energies, our biggest flow, our life, through the space and time.​​​​​​​
Flow is the 30th exhibition of EvokeONE, it was interpretted as a reflection of the creative process, or "flow", that we all experience. This expanded into concepts as diverse as quantum physics, expressive portraits, spiritual beings, and fluid dynamics. Here is my submission for the pack.
For the main elements, i choose the symbol of the Ankh, because it symbolize life, immortality, the universe. I built a surreal scene, where energies flow through this symbol and they melt into each other.
I hope you like it :)
Check out the step by step, makeing of Melted Life

Thank you for watching:)

Print version is available at The Bazaar​​​​​​​

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