Midjourney AI experimental, testing V3
Historical milestone, i think that's the closest determination when we talk about the effect of generated images.
As a result of the paradigm shift (my own opinion), many people bless it and others do not accept it. Or they're just not happy about it. However, I believe it's an inescapable fact that the creative profession will transform, and the smart ones will try to add it to their creative tools. The old role of the clients - which means that the expected design is written around - land on the Creatives. Now, we have to describe the expectation perfectly, to be capable of change or fix it, add more elements and build up better final results. 
For the record, i don't think the knowledge, what a traditional artist has in the field is unnecessary. We must not fear the changing, because it's not about replacing, i think it's a faster, more effective solution. We should use the force!
Let me show you guys some mixed technique, where i generated images (assets) with MidJourney and finished the artwork in somewhere else (with photoshop, of course).
These are the generated and remixed images, what became the assets of the artwork. Basicly, like any othe photobashing or matte painting techinque. The prompt started with alien statue in the desert, countinued with cosmic enviroment, sci-fi, dramatic lighting. 
This is a short progress video, what follows step-by-step the creation of the artwork.
Thank you for watching! <3
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