Logo animation created for the hungrian edition of PaniQ Room, the well-know room escape game.
The PANIQ room

The “garage company” has evolved and now it’s operating 15 rooms in Hungary and has conquered the new world, represented in USA, Australia and Shiraz, Iran. The aim of our diverse, thematic and challenging tracks is to offer the most interesting adventurous missions for all ages and groups. The countdown timer which is alway visible shows how much time you have left. You may book through our booking system, by selecting the desired track.

A unique experience. Those with weaker nerves don’t need to worry about sudden and unexpected scaring. High adrenaline level is guaranteed by the counting clock, solving the riddles and breaking the codes. When you find the last key which opens the door, you have escaped and you are free! If you are looking for a unique experience in 60 minutes, and if you have the guts, make your booking for the PANIQ-ROOM now. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via email or telephone. Adventure, team-building, experience and some tension with a little bit of mystery. This is: PANiQ-ROOM
((Source: https://paniqszoba.hu/))
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