Run Your Jewels
remix competition
First of all, thank you for Justin Maller for the newest madness, the Run Your Jewels!
We've already known at the begining, all of us want to be in the circle - and there was an idea, lets create
a collaboration in the collaboration. The concept - after a lot of fx - was to build energetic, fresh thing, a splash with infinity details. We wanted to use some animal parts, but finally, we've realized the dragon on the screen. 
Its so useful in this year - in the year of the Dragon.  There were a lot of rounds, with a lot of cutting, effecting, coloring, and each one of us did their best - we hope you like the final remix!

The PDF Crew || (Pocsai - Dobak - Fekete) ||

Untold Dream of the Dragon
Available as wallpaper @ (closed)
Thank you for watching, see you in the next round! :)

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